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Sponsored Listings


Allows you to feature your company in WhereToLiveAndGolf.com's Resource Directory. Your ad appears at the top of the page — providing front and center visiblity while presenting information about your company in a helpful, informative way.

Your ad can include highlights such as:

• Your company's name
• A direct link to your web site
• Your phone number and/or e-mail address
• Up to 25 words of descriptive text

A Sponsored Listing can be upgraded to a Premium Sponsored Listing to insure
your company is featured above all others. Please contact is for details.


A single Sponsored Listing is $100 a year for all businesses, except real estate and accommodations; these two categories cost $200 a year. Each additional Sponsored Listing costs $50 a year.

Please note: Additional listings must be for the same company and appear on a different page than the original listing. All listings must be ordered at the same time. Listings are arranged in alphabetical order. We alphabetize by last name where applicable, and
articles such as a, an, and the are not included.


Please contact Larry Halpern, Positive Energy, Inc., to reserve your listing space.
Click HERE for contact information.


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